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RC² Studios News -

· 9,081 hits on townofmontross.com : 2/21/2007 ·

Coming up on 9100 hits on townofmontross.com, that's about 4,000 more than on this site so someone else must be going there besides me...

· Back to work. : 2/21/2007 ·

Been away too long, lots to do here...

· DSL : 1/12/2005 ·

Verizon DSL has finally found it's way to our little town. This should help with making web page file transfers less drawn out and easier. WOOHOO!

· Under Construction (again?) : 1/12/2005 ·

This site, as well as the deerwolf site will be undergoing some "tweeking" over the next few weeks to make everything more uniform between the old and the new. Thanks for your patience.

· Private Area : 7/29/2004 ·

We've been working on the private area for what seems like forever now. If it looks like nothing is going on with the site, that would be the reason. That and yet another break from coding was needed before someone's feeble brain caved in.

· Finally : 5/11/2004 ·

This page is finally looking the way it should. Thanks for your patience.

· Visit the RC² Studios News Archives ·

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We have noticed that a lot of you are still using the 800x600 screen resolution on your monitors. If the monitor you're using is really small, or the computer you're on is really old, or your eyesight is really bad, keep it there. If not, you should change it to at least 1024x768 and take the time to get used to it. We're sure you'll be really glad you did. It makes everything look really sharp. No, really.

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