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· 9,081 hits on townofmontross.com : 2/21/2007 ·

Coming up on 9100 hits on townofmontross.com, that's about 4,000 more than on this site so someone else must be going there besides me...

· Back to work. : 2/21/2007 ·

Been away too long, lots to do here...

· DSL : 1/12/2005 ·

Verizon DSL has finally found it's way to our little town. This should help with making web page file transfers less drawn out and easier. WOOHOO!

· Under Construction (again?) : 1/12/2005 ·

This site, as well as the deerwolf site will be undergoing some "tweeking" over the next few weeks to make everything more uniform between the old and the new. Thanks for your patience.

· Private Area : 7/29/2004 ·

We've been working on the private area for what seems like forever now. If it looks like nothing is going on with the site, that would be the reason. That and yet another break from coding was needed before someone's feeble brain caved in.

· Finally : 5/11/2004 ·

This page is finally looking the way it should. Thanks for your patience.

· What again? : 5/7/2004 ·

That's right new designs for an ever-changing web site.

· Avatars Added : 2/12/2004 ·

Message board avatars have been added to the graphic gallery.
These 75 x 75 pix animations display next to post topics on community bulletin boards. We've had a few requests for these over the years, and we always enjoy designing and creating them. Displayed here is Mudhen WWI Flying Ace. Click on the image to visit the gallery.

· New Look : 2/6/2004 ·

Our personal web page, deerwolf, has had yet another make over. This page now also uses PHP for easier maintanence. Links are added often, or at least everytime the favorites folder gets too big. Enjoy.

· Happy Holidays! : 12/19/2003 ·

RCēStudios would like to wish everyone a Happy and Safe Holiday Season. More work will resume on the site in 2004.

· Spam...oh my : 10/29/2003 ·

We've been getting quite a bit of spam lately, obviously from companies using spam spiders, pushing this thing and that. A few were even for the same type of service we offer here. Well here's our position on spam and spam spiders. Here at RCē Studios, we don't like spam. And if we have to resort to spam to make a living, well, we'll just have to go hungry. You will never see spam or spam spiders originating from here. Oh and for anyone that has sent spam to any of our current email addresses...Welcome to the blocked senders list.

· New Look : 10/15/2003 ·

The site re-design is progressing nicely. Should go smooth from here.

· Chatterbox : 10/3/2003 ·

We are testing a "chatterbox" on the forum page. Hopefully you will be able to chat with others that are on the board the same time as you. If it works great! If it doesn't work...well...it's out of here!
Enjoy. Feedback welcome.

· PHP @ RCēStudios : 10/3/2003 ·

The test page is now the main page. It uses PHP files for the links on the top and the left so all we have to do is change one file and they all change. PHP also allows us to do alot of other neat tricks. You will find more pages coming on-line over the next week or two. Right now the site is mixed between the new and the old.

· We survived Isabel : 10/3/2003 ·

Well we were without power for over a week, and it's taken a while to get caught up with the everyday things, but we're ok. All in all we came out good. No property damage or life lost. We were lucky. It was bad.

· Hurricane Isabel : 9/17/2003 ·

Hurricane Isabel is due here tonight into tomorrow. We hope to see you on the other side.

· New Version : 9/5/2003 ·

I know, I know. But this one is the one...No...I mean it this time.

· townofmontross.com : 8/1/2003 ·

The townofmontross.com site went live 11:55pm, July 31, 2003. Just under the wire on the July launch date.

· RCē Studios Button : 7/3/2003 ·

Click here to put a RCē Studios link button on your web site.

· Montross Site UP! : 7/3/2003 ·

The townofmontross.com site is up with a temporary page and a counter. This page should officially launch sometime in July.

· All Pages UP! : 7/3/2003 ·

All the pages for this site are now up. We didn't say they were finished. We just said they were up. We'll finish each one as time allows.

· FORUMS ARE UP! : 7/2/2003 ·

New forums are up. Please read the rules before you register. Alias' are ok this time. Lets have some fun with it. Sorry we have to start over but its better this time. Enjoy.

· BROWSER CHECK : 6/27/2003 ·

The browser check PHP file is active and functioning properly.

· MORE PAGES ADDED : 6/27/2003 ·

More pages added. About 1/2 way there now. Private Area up.

· HOME PAGE COMPLETE : 6/26/2003 ·

The home page is complete. New pages will come on line over the next few days.

· NEWSPRO TEST : 6/26/2003 ·

This is a test of the NewsPro CGI script. Test is A-OK, we're in business. This script is functioning properly.

· NEW SITE PROGRESSING : 6/26/2003 ·

Work in Progress. Thanks for you patience.

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